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Hello! First of all sorry for non Italian language. I have searched about this subject on forum but I didn't see any result and I hope this will not be deleted.

I want to install a rear camera on my 5 inch screen navigation. The navigation wasn't came with my car. I mounted it one year later, and doesn't have a camera.

Are any possibilities to install a after market camera on it? Is someone here who have the scheme of jack that connect navigation with car? I think if I will find the pins that are responsible with rear camera I will be able to install the camera.

Thank in advice for replying!
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Hi there,
The orginal camera is connected with the pins 31, 32, 33 in the orginal plug.

31 - signal from camera
32 - GND to camera
33 - Shield

I believe you can connect an aftersales camera to the same pins.

If I'm not wrong, if you have a newer firmware on your uconnect, you need to plug a NTSC camera, PAL Is not supported anymore.