MMOexp: The nominees are disconnected into four categories

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Do you appetite to comedy your allotment in FIFA 24 Coins selecting the FC 24 TOTY? It's attainable and we'll acquaint you how you can abide your vote for the FC 24 Aggregation of the Year.

Before you go beeline into voting, you should apperceive that the Aggregation of the Year nominees were arise on Jan. 9. There are 1 complete FC 24 TOTY candidates, so the choices you admission to accomplish adeptness be added difficult than you think.

The nominees are disconnected into four categories based on breadth they accomplish on the pitch. The 1 players are disconnected as follows: To actuate the voting process, you allegation appointment the official TOTY voting folio on EA's site.

You can abandoned baddest 11 of those players for your FC 24 TOTY submission. Attending anxiously at the abounding ceremony of players so you don't accidentally absence one of your favorites. Now that you're acquainted with the best at hand, let's get to voting.

There, you will be presented with 11 abandoned slots, which you admission to ample with your TOTY picks. All 1 players are attainable for accession beneath the abandoned slots, with abacus curve advertence which players are attainable for cheap Fut 24 Coins which positions.