Mmoexp Elden Ring Items: Equipment of Night Witch Build

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Then we use our buff rotation which is golden vow, it's going to give us a 15 damage increase Howl of Elden Ring Items Shabriri, this is going to give us another 25 damage increase we cast Terra Magica, this is a 35 damage increase drink our flask for another, we think 20 damage increase and then charge our Knight Comet, and hit anatomy that we'll hit for 5514 note that there are other Buffs in the game that we could use other consumables and things like that we just wanted a relatively simple rotation that we're not standing there for five minutes buffing, but we're still doing crazy damage and my favorite thing about this build is we're using Night Comet which is a very fast to cast sorcery, it's not like we're like full sending or we can only fight enemies if we're fully buffed up, basically, you can just run around and one shot just about every enemy in the game in New Game Plus, and obviously for bosses, you can take that extra time to charge up, but the reason we like this so much is it is a very fast, sorcery, it's got good tracking, it's got good range, and it basically just cheeses everything because you know lots of damage we're very mobile, we do kind of take a lot of damage a lot of the Buffs that we're using increase the damage that we are taking, so expect to get hit very hard on this build, it's definitely more of a glass Cannon, but we'd love the quick damage so much, for the more specifics of the build, we are using two staffs of losses, once again for that multiplicative damage increase, your offhand one does not need to be leveled up, we're just using it for that multiplicative damage increase, we do have two plus 25s, but that is not needed, next up, we're using a communion seal, your seal does not matter for this build as we're using body buffs, buffs that go onto your weapon can scale with the seal that you're using for our body Buffs like Golden Vow and Howl, there are flat Buffs, so there are still doesn't matter, and the level of Russell doesn't really matter, we just happen to have a plus 10 Dragon communion seal.

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Equipment of Night Witch Build

Right Hand Armament 1: Staff of Loss

Left Hand Armament 1: Staff of Loss

Left Hand Armament 2: Dragon Communion Elden Ring Items Seal