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Adrian Peterson erased any and all past and future doubts about his capability to heal quickly when he ran for 84 yards and two touchdowns in Week 1 of the current season, which came just eight months after undergoing major surgery to Madden 24 coins fix a torn ACL and the MCL. The news was announced the other day that Peterson wasn't totally recovered from hernia surgery he had in January, however the team hopes he will be back by the time OTAs begin in May, and perhaps even exercises on his own in late April. Go to Daily Norseman for more on the Vikings.

Time is running through Revis trade

On the field, Keenan Allen and Keenan. Allen's Madden 24 Nation in attendance at Cal wide receiver's Pro session in North Carolina. What do Allen's performance reveal about his Madden NFL 24 potential?

It's likely that the New York Jets won't have Darrelle Revis beyond the 2013 season, it's known. The team is looking to let him go now however the likelihood of earning 2013 Madden NFL 24 Draft picks is becoming less and less each day. With the draft only a couple weeks away, the time to get something done is closing, and for the recovering Jets this should be a priority.

Russell attracting interest in real time?

Whether or not JaMarcus Russell will actually complete his comeback to the Madden NFL 24. nobody will doubt that he's doing his best at this point. On Tuesday, news broke that the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals are showing the buy Madden nfl 24 coins most interest in Russell this offseason. Being signed by either team would really be something worth considering, especially since Russell may have the opportunity to take on the Cardinals.

Winston unhappy with the free agency

A free-agent offensive lineman Eric Winston is "frustrated" by the way free agency has gone thus far. Winston insists that he's not over-valuing himself in wanting $3-4 million per season.